Camp Books specialises in researching & selling rare texts & artifacts related to LGBTQ+ history. The sale of these items benefits queer people, queer-run businesses, and also funds teaching--and creating resources and publications--to help all those engaged in incorporating LGBTQ+ history in classrooms, libraries, archives, galleries, and museums. As Derek Jarman wrote in his final diary, Smiling in Slow Motion, "Civilisation is queer," however the history of queer and gender non-comforming people is one of persecution and near-constant erasure. Camp Books is dedicated to dismantling the systems of oppression that have shaped the way queer people encounter their history--in the fullness of its joy and in the face of overwhelming brutality--and to change the way they learn about that history through education and outreach. Camp Books, as in Susan Sontag's definition of "camp" as a "tender feeling," esposes a queer politics that serves the underrepresented in order to build a more tender world for everyone.

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Image credit: More Color More Pride campaign.